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Who is SAS?

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Strategic Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the idea that the power of any business strategy hinges on the potential for candid, ongoing dialogue throughout the organization. Here’s a quick dialog about Strategic Arts and Sciences.

A short story about our journey

Founded in 2010, Strategic Arts and Sciences (SAS) is a transformational change leadership and strategic planning consulting firm. Our mission is to help our clients move “from possibility to actuality”. Our consultants are dedicated to supporting our clients in bringing their vision to reality through advanced strategic planning, executive coaching, strategy execution using the High Performance Teams (HPT) Model, organizational change management, leadership development and strategic communications. We are committed to helping our clients make significant organizational transitions through managing the effort from the creation of the vision to the training of the last employee.

Strategic Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the idea that the power of any business strategy hinges on the potential for candid, ongoing dialogue throughout the organization. Our philosophy is one grounded in our consultants’ collective experience in strategy development, business management, organizational communication, education psychology and behavior, social cognition theory, project management and data analysis.

SAS is based in Eugene, Oregon and Los Angeles, California.

You may ask, ‘What’s with the quote, “a posse ad esse?”‘ Ask us! We’d love to start the conversation.


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A few of the world’s most high achieving companies – our clients

Microsoft Corporation
University of Oregon
Costco Corporation
Regence BlueCross BlueShield
American Eagle Financial Credit Union
University of Mississippi
United Nations
Assante Hospitals & Medical Centers
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union
Bluetooth, Inc
University of Alabama
Federal Judicial Center
Peace Health Medical Center
Washington Mutual Bank
Travel Oregon
University of Mississippi, Oxford
USDA Farm Loan Agency
Lane County Health & Human Services
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union
Scient FCU, Connecticut
GTE Financial, Florida
Travel Oregon
Insight Hotel Management Group

Liberty Bank

Meet our Fantastic Team

We take the mantra of small, powerful teams quite literally. Each team member will engage your organization with a wide range of expertise. 

Randy Harrington


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Carmen E. Voillequé

Co-founder and Managing Partner

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Lisa Stokman

Associate Consultant

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What Our Clients say about us

Steve Steckler


Our acquired manager program has now been delivered fourteen times around the world; from its initial sessions to the present time it has consistently received very strong feedback from both our acquired managers and executives and is now considered a model 

Steve Steckler is Director of HR Integration for Venture Integration, Microsoft Acquired Manager Orientation Program

Steward R. Bentley

Cypress Software Systems

I’ve been trying to emphasize the importance and necessity of embracing change in our company for six months now. It was refreshing to hear that message conveyed (spectacularly, I might add) by someone else in a way that got everyone’s collective attention.

Steward R. Bentley is Senior Vice President, Product Development, Cypress Software Systems

Mike Foley, Phd

Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

The Bluetooth SIG managers and employees were very comfortable speaking with Carmen Voilleque. Her relaxed style enabled people to feel comfortable and reply honestly to the questions being asked in the assessment. Without this comfort and confidence in Carmen, I don’t believe we would have obtained as valuable results.

Mike Foley, Ph.D. is President, Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Fran Toler, Sr.

Federal Justice Center

I am planning to have Carmen Voilleque play a major role as a consultant to the next cohort group of the Federal Court Leadership Program for the Federal Judicial Center. This program prepares managers and specialists with leadership skills to advance to positions of greater responsibility and to be more effective in their current positions. The circuit court executives themselves strongly urged that Carmen provide the training at the next workshop.

Fran Toler is the Sr. Education Specialist, Education Division, Federal Judicial Center

Aaron N. Adamkiewicz

First Catholic FCU

I have to commend you for an outstanding presentation at the AC&E. I found your information both informative and valuable. I have expressed to my staff that I want our branch to be known as the branch where the managers are trained. So far it has worked well in motivating people to learn more.

Aaron N. Adamkiewicz is the VP Operations at First Catholic FCU

Sherrie Herndon

Oregon Community CU

I must say I was really impressed. It was nice to see firsthand what I had been hearing…DYNAMIC! I look forward to future seminars.

Sherrie Herndon is the VP IT at the Oregon Community CU

Joe Wittinghill


Impressive results for a first-year program, and a terrific addition to our integration toolkit. The first few months of delivery show evaluations of Agree and Strongly Agree at 90%+.

Joe Wittinghill is General Manager Venture Integration at Microsoft

Mary Gasson


I have nothing but the highest praise for the quality of my interactions with you. Rarely have I been treated with such respect, rapport, and responsiveness from a vendor. You are a phenomenal group of talented people and I hope to work together again in the future.

Mary Gasson is People and Organization Capability Program Manager, Microsoft

Martha Miller, Phd

Judicial Consultant

We all know humans remember stories and images best, both of which you used to great effect. I very much hope the Courts will begin to make widespread use of video presentations in a whole host of settings and won’t hesitate to emphasize that in my dealings with them. Meanwhile, I hope you get to carry your message of courage to ever broader audiences.

Martha Miller PhD is a top Judicial Consultant in the PNW