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Executive Coaching

SAS consultants offer executive coaching targeted for executives in the CEO role or transitioning into a CEO or Executive Director role. Coaching sessions include work in strategic thinking, visioning and communication, forwarding a strong strategic relationship with the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, maintaining and growing trust and credibility with internal and external audiences, improving executive presentation skills and presence in the community, and providing strong mentorship, coaching and guidance to management and employees.

Most relationships include 1-2 calls per month. The first six months of coaching generally focuses on the following deliverables, but all client approaches are individually customized:

  1. Detailed plan for ongoing professional development (may include); Developing a strong professional network; Growing community engagement models; Improving public speaking skills and seeking out opportunities to represent the organization; Regularly developing proposals and board presentations on strategic issues for the organization…
  2. An approach for the formation and development of the leadership/management team – next 3-5 years
  3. A description of personal leadership style to communicate/execute during transition phase
  4. Description of specific leadership projects to tackle in next 12-36 months and goal setting


References provided on request.