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Our clients often tell us that executing effectively on strategy is a much bigger challenge than writing a great strategy. The reality is that most organizations can’t just hire more people to work on strategic initiatives. So, the strategic work is piled on top of the already full schedule of day-to-day service, tasks, and meetings of talented staff. To assist our clients with the problem we have spent over a decade on developing a methodology for strategic execution based on concepts drawn from our deep management experience, our work with Navy SEALs team building and training, and proven organizational communications pedagogy. We call our approach the High Performance Teams (HPTs) Model.

The HPT Model is built around achieving two parallel purposes:

  1. Complete strategic initiatives and projects at a faster tempo; and
  2. Develop a bench of people with increased skills & competencies through the work.

High Performance Teams methodology is not another project management process. In fact, it often works well in partnership with current successful project management systems and processes already in place. The advantage of the HPT Model is that in addition to executing faster on strategic initiatives, universal strategic understanding and engagement is built in for eachemployee, strengthening alignment and buy-in across the organization.

The HPT solution for strategy execution is highly customizable. With many clients using the methodology, none look the same. Our approach is to take the general principles of the HPT Model and apply them to the culture, goals, and personality of the client organization. In the end, your version of the HPT approach will be unique and impossible to copy.