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About Strategic Arts and Sciences

Strategic Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the idea that the power of any business strategy hinges on the potential for candid, ongoing dialogue throughout the organization.

We’re passionate about bringing your vision to reality

Our consultants are dedicated to supporting our clients in bringing their vision to reality through advanced strategic planning, executive coaching, strategy execution using the High Performance Teams (HPT) Model, organizational change management, leadership development and strategic communications.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping our clients make significant organizational transitions through managing the effort from the creation of the vision to the training of the last employee.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in our consultants’ collective experience in strategy development, business management, organizational communication, educational psychology and behavior, social cognition theory, project management and data analysis.

The Strategic Arts and Sciences process

Strategic planning has changed. Gone are the days when a pre-fabricated “one-size-fits-all” model of planning can be used for any organization. Here’s how we tackle real strategy for real and lasting organizational improvement.


Strategic Planning

Our approach to the planning process is to craft a strategic narrative that is representative of the voices of all stakeholders, a plan that is sophisticated and adaptable in uncertain times, and action items that are clear enough that every employee and partner can easily see and understand their role in the plan.



Our facilitation style is to function as an “outside benevolent force” for our clients. This is not a neutral force, but one that seeks the same core goals (for roughly the same reasons) as the key stakeholders, while also offering an outside consultative point of view.


Strategic Execution

The economic, political, social and health landscapes have all experienced unprecedented disruption in the past few years. Never before has there been such strong demand for holistic vision, intention, transparency and accessibility in strategic plans. Plans today are expected to be shared with employees, partners, agencies and in many cases, the public at large.


High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams methodology is not another project management process. In fact, it often works well in partnership with current successful project management systems and processes already in place.

Our Team

founders and key contributors

Randy Harrington, PHD

Randy Harrington, Ph.D. is the Co-founder and Partner of Strategic Arts and Sciences. After completing his doctorate in organizational communication from the University of Oregon in 1992, he began his consulting career. With 29 years of experience, Dr. Harrington is now a sought-after strategic planner and executive coach as well as for his work in organizational change management and media messaging.

Carmen E. Voillequé

Carmen E. Voillequé is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Arts and Sciences. She has over 25 years of experience in adult education and facilitation and is nationally respected for her ability to provide advanced strategic planning for complex systems and networks to achieve significant organizational change. Ms. Voilleque has narrowed her focus to strategic planning and the development of high-performance teams in the last five years of her career. She serves clients in finance, law, government, non-profit, technology, education, health care, and hospitality.

Charlotte Webster

Charlotte is the chief financial officer at Strategic Arts and Sciences and a 20-year veteran in the financial services industry.

Lisa Stokman

Lisa Stokman is an associate consultant at Strategic Arts & Sciences and a 20-year veteran of financial services executive communications and logistics. She has a deep knowledge of facilitation processes, is an accomplished developer in financial services, Board Governance and C-Suite dynamics and is also experienced in Strategic Plan external analysis research and writing.

By the numbers

Executing effectively on strategy is a much bigger challenge than writing a great strategy.
We have the track record to dig in with your leaders and ensure results.

Years of Experience

Miles Flown

Assets Under Management ($ current clients)

Hippies delivering world-class strategic planning

Years of Experience

Assets Under Mgmt ($ cur. clients)

Miles Flown

Hippies delivering world-class strategic planning

Years of Experience

Assets Under Mgmt ($ cur. clients)

Miles Flown

Hippies delivering world-class strategic planning

A few of our amazing clients


Client Testimonials 

“Impressive results for a first-year program, and a terrific addition to our integration toolkit. The first few months of delivery show evaluations of Agree and Strongly Agree at 90%+.” — General Manager

“The managers and employees were very comfortable speaking with Carmen. Her relaxed style enabled people to feel comfortable and reply honestly to the questions being asked in the assessment. Without this comfort and confidence in Carmen, I don’t believe we would have obtained as valuable results.”

“We all know humans remember stories and images best, both of which you used to great effect. I very much hope the Courts will begin to make widespread use of video presentations in a whole host of settings and won’t hesitate to emphasize that in my dealings with them. Meanwhile, I hope you get to carry your message of courage to ever broader audiences.”

“They ask great questions and listen—they seek to first understand the result I’m trying to accomplish and then provide solutions that are customized to my specific needs. They’re curious, innovative, unconventional, and a blast to work with. Partnering with their team has enabled me to deliver great results —some of the finest work of my career.”