Culture Assessments

Culture is a Carrier of Meaning. It’s Your Story.

For people to perform together effectively, they need to share a story. Our story connects and bonds us. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? It’s about more than goals and roles. It’s about more than strategy and brand. So, what’s it about then?

While there is universal agreement that organizational culture exists and that is shapes our behaviors, there is little consensus on what it is.

Our Culture, Our Story, is our process of “sense-making” – it’s the way we create shared understanding, values, and beliefs. It is the carrier of meaning in our organization. It tells us how to be, it protects us, and it tells us what we should do when we are “thrown” – what we know is right to do and will do automatically, almost without thinking about it. People who share the same story know “what trumps what” in any situation or circumstance.

For this reason, Culture can be your organization’s single strongest competitive advantage.

Investing in your Culture is good business! Your Culture will inform and influence your strategy, growth, service, technology, brand, and everything else that impacts your success. People who share the same story perform better, make better decisions, accomplish more, win together, and will vigorously defend their organization’s values.

Become more intentional about your organization’s Culture and unlock the power of Your Story.

SAS offers comprehensive assessments for organizational and service culture as well as workshops for management to more intentionally define, develop, and reinforce internal culture.