Who We Are

At SAS, we're not your typical consultants...

We seek to understand the unique DNA of your company. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches that often damage the very culture you cherish, we're all about tailor-made solutions that align with your identity. We've witnessed countless institutions suffer the consequences of ill-fitting strategies, draining resources and time.

Our team is fueled by a passion to forge deep connections with clients. Short-term fixes aren't our style; we're dedicated to nurturing long-lasting partnerships that yield transformative results. Getting to know your culture, financial goals, and leadership dynamics is our priority. Armed with this knowledge, we work our magic, offering strategic guidance that's genuinely aligned with you.

Randy, a Doctor of Organizational Communication, specializes in strategic planning, team dynamics, and culture. Carmen offers planning and end-to-end strategy execution methods, connecting the dots between vision and reality. Lisa, an accomplished economist and Board of Directors liaison, excels in market research and governance. And Kyle, a seasoned Executive, hones in on functional expertise to strengthen your subject matter expertise.  

We empower companies with a consistent framework to translate strategy into action seamlessly. From management training to data analytics, we're equipped to bolster your functional prowess.

Our mission is clear: we're your partners in preserving and enhancing your identity. We don't intend to change who you are; rather, we're here to guide you in realizing your true potential. Join us, and let's embark on a journey of discovery and success together. With SAS, your company’s unique essence is at the heart of everything we do.