Happy Tiger

The only easy day, was yesterday – Hooyah!

Our relationship with the US Navy SEAL Teams goes way back. Our own personal “Sea Daddy,” Captain Steve Ahlberg came on board more than 20 years ago and he has worked with more than a thousand people seeking to “level up” their leadership and team development skills. Now, we have four retired SEAL Captains working as consultants and keynote speakers. They formed a special company called Happy Tiger. The mission of Happy Tiger flows from the persistent feedback from clients that says, “It is amazing to be able to just have a conversation with these guys. To be able to ask specific questions about our challenges with people, teams, leadership, strategic planning, or whatever. We got so much from those relaxed and informal conversations.”

The name Happy Tiger came from an encounter with a 1000-pound Bengal Tiger in a game reserve who swiftly and silently ran full speed more than 50 yards to the edge of an enclosure before stopping suddenly, and smiling, as if welcoming SEAL Captain Rob Monroe and his wife, Cynthia. When it was clear there was no danger Cynthia quipped, “Oh, it’s a happy tiger!” And the name stuck. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit down with an obviously ferocious tiger and know that you could have a conversation—and that the tiger was happy to see you? This small pivot solved the problem of trying to “civilian-ize” these consummate warriors while making their wisdom accessible to civilian business leaders. It is a rare opportunity indeed to be able to have one on one conversations with some of the most elite warriors in the world.

Happy Tiger offers a variety of custom workshops, consulting services, keynotes, and if you are ready for it—High intensity experiential leadership and team development programs. And proceeds from Happy Tiger events go to the US Navy SEAL Family Foundation SEAL Family Foundation | Offering assistance to the Families of Naval Special Warfare. If this sounds interesting to you. Just give us a call, or an email, and we can see if a Happy Tiger experience is right for you. Until then, remember, “The only easy day, was yesterday.” Hooyah!