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Founders & Key Contributors


Randy Harrington, Ph.D.

Randy is the Co-founder and Partner of Strategic Arts and Sciences. After completing his doctorate in organizational communication from the University of Oregon in 1992, he began his consulting career. With 29 years of experience, Dr. Harrington is now a sought-after strategic planner and executive coach as well as for his work in organizational change management and media messaging.
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Carmen E. Voillequé

Carmen is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Arts and Sciences. She has over 25 years of experience in adult education and facilitation and is nationally respected for her ability to provide advanced strategic planning for complex systems and networks to achieve significant organizational change. Ms. Voilleque has narrowed her focus to strategic planning and the development of high-performance teams in the last five years of her career. She serves clients in finance, law, government, non-profit, technology, education, health care, and hospitality.
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Lisa Stokman

Lisa is a Senior Consultant at Strategic Arts & Sciences and a 20-year veteran of financial services executive communications and logistics. She has a deep knowledge of facilitation processes, is an accomplished developer in financial services, Board Governance and C-Suite dynamics and is also experienced in Strategic Plan external analysis research and writing.
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Kyle Dickson---Strategic-Arts-and-Sciences

Kyle Dickson

Kyle is a Senior Consultant at Strategic Arts & Sciences with nearly two decades in Financial Services and Public Accounting. He has served as both Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk officer in financial services, and focuses his consulting practice on lending process improvement, developing new leaders, and executive coaching. Kyle has special expertise in Debt Collection, and due to his transformative results improving loan quality in his executive roles, is respected throughout the country as a thought leader in this area. Kyle is particularly passionate about helping companies realize the tremendous service and financial upside of maximizing the collection function.
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Charlotte Webster

Charlotte is the chief financial officer at Strategic Arts and Sciences and a 20-year veteran in the financial services industry.
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